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Some Fun Facts About Roman Jewelry


Rome is one of those classic civilizations that people cannot get enough of. It is the beginning of a lot of things that have influenced the way of living of other people in other countries in a lot of ways. Out of all the things that a person can find interesting about Rome, Roman jewelry will have to be something that until now has a lot of influence in the jewelry industry, and for good reason. For centuries, Roman jewelry has fascinated a great number of people with the kind of jewelry pieces that they are able to come up with. It is during this civilization that jewelry of various colored stones came to exist. During such time, precious gems such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies have become very popular. Roman jewelry can even be found to have some less precious gems included in them such as pearls and topaz.


Roman jewelry is not always all about jewels and stones that are included in them in one way or another. In the past, glass was one of the most common materials that the Romans used for their jewelry. It was during the Roman empire that the first set of glass jewelry from became popular. However, it was only during the Augustan age that you can almost see in every corner some glass jewelry that the Romans boast of. Before the Augustan age, jewelry buyers were not that keen at choosing unique jewelry pieces. Even so, as the year progress and the Roman empire is now more on gaining some piece, so did their vigor for applying their creativity in just about anything even in Roman jewelry.


In the past, Romans were more focused on conquering and building their empires on various nations. It is not surprising why the Romans have a lot of influence over the designs of some jewelry all around the world. How influential they were on their conquests can be seen from the jewelry designs that they have made. Roman jewelry designers made sure to include whatever they see during their conquests and whatever influences they might have encountered while at the same time making sure to divulge more on their designs. The Romans were fond of making eye catching and big jewelry pieces that will really make a statement no matter what.


Out of all the Roman jewelry that you can find even until now, the most common one will be their rings. Rings were used to symbolize particular societal standings of the Romans. If you belong to the upper class, then you must adorn your hands with several rings as a woman so that people will know what position you have in the society. You may click here for some facts.